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What To Consider Before Buying A Laptop 4GB RAM

Perhaps among most of the things that one must consider in buying a laptop, the memory, hard drives or the RAM are ones of that are greatly considered. RAM or random access memory is the most common memory found in computers and even printers and other devices.

Understanding RAM

Laptop 4GB RAM
RAM is also called the ‘main memory’. Ram is the kind of memory that can be accessed randomly. The RAM of the computer is the memory available for computer programs to use. The size of RAM usually comes in MB or megabytes or GB or gigabytes. RAM with an MB size now is usually those in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It would be unlikely for a laptop to have a RAM with that comes in MB size these days. RAMs in laptops now normally comes with 2GB as the lowest size.

There are many types of ram. Generally, they can be classified into two: the DRAM and SRAM. DRAM means Dynamic Random Access Memory. SRAM, on the other hand, stands for Static Random Access Memory. The two differs in the kind of technology that they use in holding data. SRAM is known to be faster than DRAM. Other types of RAM include the DRR RAM or the Double Data Rate RAM. The DRR now comes in the DRR standard, DRR2, up to DRR3. The DRR3 is the latest version and in general, it is the fastest and most efficient compared to the two.

Buying a 4GB RAM

Laptop 4GB RAM
If you have been considering buying a laptop with 4GB RAM, then it can be a good choice. A 4GB RAM can accommodate as many computer programs that you will need. In fact, it is more than one can actually need if one intends to use a laptop for personal use such as academics or work.

A laptop 4GB RAM means that there are approximately 4 million bytes of memory that computer programs can be used in a laptop. In general, the larger one’s RAM is the faster the faster the laptop is.
This is because, if you have let’s say, a small-sized RAM and you are using or you have installed numerous computer programs on your PC, it would take up too much of your RAM resulting in your PC slowing down. But if you have a larger RAM, it would not eat up too much of the main memory.

Thus, it can be important that one knows about the basics of random access memory before buying a personal computer because it will definitely save one’s headaches eventually. Many people now will definitely consider buying personal computers with larger memory, but as already mentioned, a laptop 4GB RAM can be sufficient enough as it can be too much for a laptop intended for personal usage.

Moreover, RAM should not be confused with ROM in buying computers. RAM is the memory used by computer programs when they are being used. ROM, on the other hand, is the memory used to store computer programs and other data.


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