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Simple Ways to Go about Laptop Battery Repair in a Proper Fashion

There are many ways to repair or reduce the usage of your battery, because laptop batteries are quite expensive. Because they last about less than an hour when used normally (their maximum staying power advertised by the PC manufacturer is actually measured with the brightness of the screen dimmed significantly and with no programs running), the demand for extra batteries for laptop PCs are huge, along with the demand for laptop battery repair manuals and instructions. However, thanks to that huge demand and because PC manufacturers want more of your money, every extra battery that doesn’t come with your laptop costs about a third of what your PC itself costs. Therefore, it’s better to take care of your battery rather than risk needing to buy a new one at such an exorbitant price.

Battery Repair and Maintenance Tips Revealed

Laptop Battery Repair
You can extend the life and take care of your laptop battery by having the laptop plugged in at all times and use it like you’d use any electronic appliance. You can also only use the battery for emergencies, like when the power is out and whatnot. In terms of actually repairing a battery or going about laptop battery repair, it becomes a bit tricky. A failing battery almost always results in you paying for a new one since it’s not a gadget but a power source. You might have to go directly to a technician to discuss how to fix it as well.

Or you can go into forums and wait for other users to give you tips and advice on how to deal with your sticky situation with a failing battery. There are even YouTube videos out there giving out “Life Hacker” tips of dubious effectiveness in regards to powering up a dead rechargeable laptop battery. Their means of laptop battery repair typically involves wrapping the battery in a towel, putting it in a plastic bag, and then freezing it in y our refrigerator’s freezer. Take it after 15 to 24 hours, wipe off any moisture with another dry towel, and see if it worked.

This alleged DYI method isn’t, however, endorsed by this article because it came from a YouTube video with half of the likes bar composed of dislikes and with the uploader posting a disclaimer about him not intending to harm your laptop but warning that it might not work for everyone the same way. To be honest, normally, when a battery is dead, freezer or no freezer it’s the point of no return and you’ll have to buy a new battery. There are no two ways about it. So you should take good care of your battery.

A laptop can work without a battery included by simply plugging it in, but most users would rather have the battery included anyway in case the power goes out. When using your battery without it charging, reduce the brightness of your screen in order to extend its life. You can also choose the power saver option in order to conserve its energy. Finally, to significantly reduce the chances of ending up with a dead battery then don’t charge the battery for more than 8 hours every time, because this reduces its lifespan. Instead, after it’s full, remove the power source and use it as it’s meant to be used.


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