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The Inevitable Expensiveness of Laptop Battery Replacement: It Can’t Be Helped

The lifespan of a battery depends on the user. If you leave your laptop running for torrents or whatever else reason (rendering videos, loading a streaming movie, uploading a long video on YouTube, waiting for a Skype call, and so on and so forth), then expect it to fail one of these months. When it dies, you might be encouraged by online rumors to “revive” it by putting it inside your fridge then thawing it, but other than that dubious method, laptop battery replacement is the real solution to your battery dilemma. Once your battery stops functioning or dies out faster than usual (usually 30 minutes to an hour for most unplugged laptops), then you might need a replacement. There are stores that could sell you batteries for the make and model of your laptop.

Getting Batteries and Other Replacement Facts

Laptop Battery Replacement
You can buy replacement batteries on the same store you bought your computer, on, on, or some other sales or ecommerce site. However, more often than not, the cost of the extra battery is about one-third the original cost of your laptop, sometimes even more. This is probably because manufacturers knew that people would buy more than onelaptop battery replacement, so to curb demand for limited battery supplies, they raised the price. At least, that’s one theory in regards to this unfortunate development wherein normal laptop battery life barely ever lasts 30 minutes to an hour with normal settings enabled.

Battery performance is dependent upon the physical devices it’s providing power to. The screen, the CD/DVD/BD-ROM, the (already phased out) floppy drive, the hard drive, the USB mouse and keyboard, the fan, and various other implements all sap battery power and, as a result, its lifespan. Even a rechargeable battery can only last for so long until it requires its own laptop battery replacement. The average battery can sap up a fully charged battery in 30 minutes or under, in fact. If you wish to avoid this inevitability, don’t leave your computer running when you go to sleep.

Even if it’s plugged in, the battery life of your battery will be affected as long as it’s placed inside the laptop. Now, the solution to this usually is to take out the battery and plug the laptop to the electrical socket, using it like you would your television. However, the battery pack is too convenient for many a user to discard, especially during power outages or instances when one accidentally unplugs the laptop. Your computer will be safer with a battery inside it because when the power goes out, it doesn’t have to restart or boot up every time, which can cause errors and hard disk failures.

If you can’t depend on your battery the same way you used to in the past, then replacement is necessary. There are many suitable laptop battery replacements to choose from, but with the caveat that you should avoid scammers or aftermarket laptop batteries that don’t even last as long as an OEM battery would. In fact, getting refurbished OEM batteries for your laptop that’s just like the battery it came with is ideal. Finally, if you have any comments, suggestions, and queries regarding this topic, feel free to add them below.


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