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Laptop Key Replacement: Can You Do It?

The Laptop Dilemmas

Because laptops are very convenient today, most of the people are unaware that they are causing damage to their laptops because of small usual things. Some people tend to eat while using the laptop particularly for those who are chatting and just browsing the web. Soda or other liquids can cause sticking of the keyboard and worst, the key will not function which needs professional help.

But if you are talking about lost keys, then it is easy. So how do you repair it? Lost keys are easy to repair, thus you can do it by yourself just with a proper guide. But if you are too busy to do it, then you can bring it to a repairman. However, bear in mind, that repairing a damaged keyboard, is an easy stuff, so why pay for it if you can do it?

Laptop Key Replacement

Laptop Key Replacement
Before trying to replace your keyboard, it is very necessary to consider first if the problem of your laptop is really with the key. There are laptop keys that sometimes do not function properly because of the settings such as instead of seeing letters when you type, what you see is numbers. So you should be certain what the problem is.

Laptop key replacement should be considered if some of your laptop keys have fallen and you cannot find it. Basically, you can’t use the key comfortably if the key is not there, right? In addition, you should also know the basic parts of the keyboard which are the key, the retainer, and the rubber cup. This article will give you an idea of how to replace you keys right.

• Find the right key

Technically, all laptops key are likely the same. There are only those models that have slight difference with the others. In this case, make sure that have the right replacement key. Make certain too that the other parts are still present (retainer and rubber cup). If you have all the parts then you are ready to repair the key.

• Placing retainer clip

The retainer is commonly that white piece that you will see if you remove the key cup. This clip is responsible for holding the key together. If in case you have lost both the key and the retainer, you should follow these strict guidelines on placing back the retainer.

Before placing the retainer, make sure it faces downward. Then look for the metal tabs on your laptop and carefully hook the legs of the retainer on it. Do it on both sides.

• Placing keys

After placing the retainer, you can now hook the new key on the metal bars of the laptop and align it over the retainer. Carefully push it so that it will hook tightly.

• Test

Right after you’ve done the laptop key replacement, you can turn on the laptop and check if the keys are working again.

If your problem is not about keys falling off such as keys being stuck, then a simple solution of taking off the key with the use of a flat screw and cautiously cleaning with cotton will do. If you have any opinion or comments about the article, let us know. Maybe you have a much easier solution, and then share it by leaving a comment.


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