Laptop Repair Tutorial

We know for a fact that laptop or computers can prove to be complicated beasts but to tell the truth repairing a laptop is not a brain surgery.  All one has to do is understand the problem also what are the basic tools or pre-requisites which one may need. One of the biggest blunders which people are seen regularly making is that they sit down with their laptops and try to open it with whatever comes to their hand and replace the defected part. This is not the right way to go about business. There are certain rules and tools which one has to follow as well as employ for repairing their laptops. Hence to assist our readers below we are going to highlight some important as well as easy Laptop Repair Tutorial. So read it carefully to get proper enlightenment.

First things first about the tools of the trade-

Laptop Repair Tutorial•    V1* Philips Head screwdriver-Type-0
•    1*v Philips Head screwdriver-Type-1
•    Nose plier needle
•    Tweezers- nose length
•    A Teflon wedge or splade
•    ESD mat or grounded ESD wrist belt- Electro-Static Acquittal

Now that we are clear about the tools to use, there are certain other things which one needs to keep in mind while performing the laptop repair.

•    The first thing is to carefully inspect the environment where one is going to fix the laptop.  Static electricity can severely hamper the laptop without even making the person aware.

•    Also try and avoid laptop repair in kitchen, garages or for that matter on carpeted rooms. Also while performing things which one has no idea about, back-up the laptops’ hard drive just to be on the safe side.

•    Remember that if one is fiddling with the LCD backlight inverter, it can result in one getting nasty shocks, say if the unit is up and running. So the smart thing for such people is to turn off the laptop, or unplug it. Also one should remove the hard drive as well as the battery to avoid such nasty occurrences.

•    Also one more thing which people should do is employ the best repairing tools, particularly if they are going to perform laptop repairs on daily basis. Just keep in mind that the laptop which is there may not be expensive but by using cheap repairing tools, there is not point screwing it up and dumping it into the trash.

Some other things to consider:

•    Try not to disassemble if the device doesn’t need it
•    Carefully test the laptop before-hand
•    The parts removed should be kept in a safe place, so that it is easy to find
•    Keep the screws with parts that they have been taken from
•    Properly check the connectors and cables whether they are plugged in.
•    Do not employ lever or screwdrivers for removing parts
•    Check how the connectors function before disconnecting them
•    If some parts do not mingle look for missed parts or hidden parts.
•    Take time and do not rush.

Now laptop repair tutorial for some basic laptop issues;

If the laptop starts up there are several issues which take place such as freezing of screen of laptop running very slow;

The basic thing to try out is restart the machine. It is easy and trust-worthy and more often than not works for automatically repairing frozen screens and etc.

Properly back-up the files to avoid loss of documents if such problems occur. The computer becoming slow can sometimes lead to bigger issues. So, just be on the safe side.

Check for duplicate programs like say two versions of the same software are running. Uninstall the recent software by going to control panel. Also try not to use more than one anti-virus as they can cause some severe damage to the machine such as the device getting sluggish or even crashing.

Check for system repair or install windows updates. These modes are slow but effective and will enable one to be updated regarding their soft wares and programs.

If the laptop doesn’t start!

Check the connections such as the cables are inserted into the right sockets or not. Also check whether the laptop battery is alright. If it is running low then charge it.

Start up a safe mode. To perform this as one switches on continuously press F8. Doing so one would be presented with an on-screen menu. Select the safe –menu option as it will allow one to investigate the issue and also run a security scan.


Hence these are the things which one can know via Laptop Repair Tutorial. There are several DVDs available in the online trading forum for people to tend to. So bring them home and know all that is needed to know regarding laptop repairs!

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