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Laptop Screen Replacement: How to Do it yourself

A laptop is a practical gadget that is utilized by most people nowadays especially with businessmen and students. They have been very helpful on many occasions particularly if talked about various documents. It is also a storage room for mostly all types of files such as photos, videos, and different applications for different purposes. Clearly, this gadget is very convenient in any aspect and facet we look into.

However, laptops are also delicate things that are needed to be deeply cared, thus it can easily damaged. The most common laptop damage is perhaps the screen or the LCD. This part of the laptop is very necessary since it is where you will be looking at when working with something, thus laptop screen replacement has been the solution of most troubled people.

Replacing the Screen

Laptop Screen Replacement
Replacing your screen is never an easy task. It needs to be professionally worked into. However, if replacing the screen on your own is hard enough, then you need it to be checked by a professional laptop repair personnel. But usually, professionals do require a huge amount of money, that buying a new one, is much cheaper. In this sense, you need to learn how to do it on your own.

Laptop Screen Replacement Steps

• Make sure LCD is the damaged part

Before deciding whether to replace your screen, you need to be fully aware first if the damage is really on the screen. There are damages that look like a screen damage but the truth is not, such as flickering or fading of the screen. Flickering or fading of the screen image is caused by backlight damage or the inventer not LCD damage.

Other damage, that usually associates with the LCD, is the lines, and solid color appearance on the screen. To check this damage, connect the laptop to an external monitor. If the lines or colors are still visible, the damage is then caused by the motherboard of the laptop. But if it works properly, then the LCD or the lines connecting to it is the problem.

Aside from these damages, you should always look if the LCD is the only damaged part by connecting it an external monitor. If the other parts still work, then the LCD needs to be replaced.

• Remove the screws

First remove the battery of the laptop then locate for the screws on the screen, remove those including the screen cover. Underneath you can see a rubber cover, carefully remove it and locate for the screws; there you will find the LCD. Store safely the cover including the screws.

• Locate for the number series

Each laptop models have different number series for their screens. Locate for this number on the screen. These numbers will give you the right model of LCD to buy.

• Replacing the LCD

Replacing the LCD with the new one is the last process of laptop screen replacement. This process involves disconnecting of the video cable and the inventor from the laptop. For video cable, simply remove the cable tape and unplug the connector from the LCD. For the inventer, remove the screws in the inventer, and unplug the connector underneath it. Then simply slip the LCD out.

The process is the same with placing the new one, only in reverse process. If you think this procedure has been helpful to you or if it wasn’t, simply let us know by leaving a comment.


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