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Tools and accessories for repairing your laptop

If you want your laptop repairing to be a smooth job then getting the right tools for the same is very important. You can just use a regular knife for cutting a wire. The wire might be cut in to two but the result will be uneven. This is the reason why you should always get the right kind of tools and accessories for repairing your laptop. In this article we will go through the various tools and accessories needed for fixing a laptop.

Tools and accessories for repairing your laptop•    Screwdrivers and nuts:

These are the most important tools and accessories for repairing your laptop. There are various kinds of screws and nuts that are used for a laptop. With time the technology is advancing and more and more complicated screws are used for the same. Using a single screwdriver or nut drivers won’t serve your need. So, it is important to keep different sizes of screwdrivers with yourself.

•    Pliers, strippers and cutters:

It is often found that cooling fans in a laptop come with two or more connectors and some of which are not usually needed. So, it is very important to get rid of the same. It not only cleans the laptop but at the same time helps in decreasing the confusion that such connectors tend to create. In such a case cutters come to a great use. Strippers are needed for laptops which are more advanced and needs wire modification. A set of pliers like tweezers are a great help for bring out tiny belongings or screws that get tangled in the far reaching places.

•    Flashlight:

This is another accessory that is very important for repairing a laptop. For working with a complicated system it is important that you get enough light to understand and see every bit of the portion. A head light is a great help for such a need.

•    Multimeter and PSU tester:

Finding out the exact wiring problem in a laptop can be a time taking process. But getting a multimeter and a PSU tester can save a lot of time in identifying the wire failure. A power supply tester helps in identifying the problem with the power supply or any failure in connecting the machine to a port.

•    Thermal-interface material:

A thermal paste is very important to keep the heat sink in place or even protect any other components from getting affected from a leak. This particular paste confirms that the heat is safely getting transferred from the processor to the heat sink.

•    Straps:

Normally the machine is full with different kinds of wires so getting tie-ups and straps helps in keeping them in place for a better arrangement.

•    Cleaning up materials:

Keeping some micro-fiber cloths, cotton balls, isopropyl alcohol and many other such materials are very important for a better cleaning of the laptop.


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